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One of the fastest growing crimes is the crime of Identity Theft. Hackers steal a persons personal information and assume their identity to commit crimes, buy houses, drain bank accounts and sometimes actually become the person whose indentity they have stolen. These sometime undetected crimes have a devastating and sometimes damaging affect on the individuals life. There is another form of Identity Theft that is commited around the world by our adversary and enemy the devil. He tries to steal the identity iof Christ from the world and from those who call themselves followers of Christ or "Christians" His goal is to rob the world of the Savior and to rob believers of the victory, promises and protection that comes with the inheritance that comes with calling on the name of Jesus. He wants us to live unhappy, unfulfilled lives wandering down a path with no direction. He tries to rob us of the destiny and purpose that God has designed for each and every one of us. Protect your identity that Christ gives you by being one of His folowers. Do not be a victim of Identity Theft, Protect Your Identity and live in the victory of Jesus each and every day of your life. 
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