Kevin C. Benton Ministries (Voice Of Truth Ministries) is the Evangelistic Ministry of Rev. Kevin C. Benton (aka Rev Kev) with the vision of reaching the world with the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ 

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God is calling His people to a closer walk with Him! Unfortunately the majority of churches and believers are satisfied with visitations or occasional encounters with The Lord. The Lord loves to visit with us. However, He desires so much ,ore. He desires Habitation not just visitation. He wants to live with us, dwell with us and inhabit our lives. Our time is running out so seek Him while He can be sought. He is waiting on us to invite Him to be a part of our every day life, not looking for visitations, but seeking and desiring His habitation in our lives. 

Featured Message

Breakthrough In 2022

Breakthrough in 2022! God will break the chains that bind you, break down the walls that confine you and lead you to your destiny and His Promises for you! Keep pressing in, keep trusting Him and his Explosive Braekthough or Breakthroughs in your life! Breakthrough in 2022. 

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Service Times @ World Harvest Worship Center

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